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b. South Dakota, USA

MARIA is an aggressively high femme Latine/American writer, performer, and artist who can usually be found at her local karaoke bar or giving her hot takes on pop culture. Based in London, she makes sculptural installations, performances, video and sound that eviscerate and reassemble the intersections of chronic illness, race, and notions of community by using herself/body as a conduit and muse. She combines natural and digital materials to engineer environments that create radical bodily connections between cyber and organic networks. Currently, she is exploring pain (body, emotional, communal, spiritual) as a grounding for transformation and transmutation of the bodymind into an equitable and liberated future.



MARIA is also a member of artist duo TITANESS with Tiffany Wellington.

MARIA was formerly based in Columbus, OH and while there, was a member of MINT Collective. Currently she has completed her MFA from Goldsmiths (2022)  and is the 2023 recipient of the Acme Award, Bursary, and Residency. Her work has been shown internationally with shows i know it’s the end & I am full of beauty (2021) at Beeler Gallery at CCAD and #SpeakingThroughMasks (2020) at ABCNoRio in NYC and Oracles and Algorithms at Copperfield Gallery (2022). She also has upcoming shows in 2024 at Kupfer Gallery and Studio Chapple

Frequent collaborators include: Allison Balanc, Renee Xinying Zhong, Luce Taylor, LOVE-HIGHER,

Past collaborators include: Lindsay Coffman, Dkéama Alexis, Dionne Custer-Edwards, Frank Joranko, Hana Ortiz Sanchez, Jo Snyder, Marisa Espe, Maritt Vaessin, Oriana Hirschberg, Torin Jacobs, Vanessa Walters, Valentino Stone, Francois Le Freak 

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