Referencing narratives from the last century, including those from Rita Hayworth to Ana Mendieta, Joranko recontextualizes these narratives to discern her contemporary identity as a latina artist. Through manipulation of and interaction with her immediate environment, she attempts to connect past and current realities in order to locate herself as a transplant in a strange yet familiar landscape. Activating land to body metaphors, Joranko’s work performs ritualistically and betrays her longing for security, freedom, and asylum from the realities of inhabiting an unwelcome body in unsafe spaces. 


This body of work is site-specific and exists in a place in which I found a place of safe haven, healing, and emotional refuge. 

Glass Armor,  Windshield glass on steel frames, Dresses are size retail 4, 2017,
Dresses made from shattered windshields and constructed through tension hang from the trees in an effort to keep from tearing themselves apart.

Honey, Projection on trees and a mound of earth in a place of safety and healing, size variable, 2017

Incendiary Brunette, Projection on garage, size variable, 2017

Shea, shea butter disco boot with wax candles on cinderblocks. Love to Love You by Donna Summer plays from within the cinderblocks, size variable, 2017

Roses, 55in tv with video and partially filled earth with 6 white roses, hole is about 5 ft 3 in long, 6 inches unfilled, 2017