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Set the Table

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site specific to St. Johns Vale

performance, offering, and sound installation

beet sugar glass, fruits, flowers, blankets, speakers, blankets, juniper, stone

sound: poems of liberation, love, heartbreak, fire, family, lineage, by Dionne Custer-Edwards, Hana Ortiz-Sanchez, Carlos Mauricio-Rojas, and recipe for phytoremediation--the process of using plants to pull lead from the earth

a conversation facilitated by Foxy Azucar through fruit and the ways we share it, where it comes from, traditions, colonial lines, personal connection, intimacy, nutrition, liberation, ancestral connection, and love

created for the Set The Table at DeptfordX Fringe Fest by Ankita Mukherji, Renee Xinying Zhong, and Yurika Imaseki

photos by: Emily Yo and Maria Joranko


connected to the tradition of food offerings to ancestors and gods, we shared and partook together to listen, share collective joy and sorrow, remember those who were, create foundation for those to come, and set the table for those present on all planes

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Set the Table.jpg

we honor nature and the soil, we give our offerings and listen to the ways we can heal with what we have.

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all that we do imprints itself on each plane

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