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Take Me Home Tonight


Told through the presence of a high femme cyber-relic, the exhibition situates us in the day to day of an unnamed protagonist and their friends, navigating a moment of intense climate change and protest in the Midwestern region of the former United States.

They organise through cars, burner phones, and to the sounds of a broken car radio stuck on the classic rock station. She tends to food harvests during the day, and ferries people in and out of protest zones at night.

‘Take Me Home Tonight’ is a story of queer collective memory, where we ride with them as friends come together through technological collaboration to archive their experience for those to come.

Take Me Home Tonight

writing by: MARIA

custom couture by: Casey Immel-Brown
soundpiece by Samuel Barbier-Ficat: 30 mins

pepper's ghost, row cover, brances,

chain, leather, 3D printing, cell phone, car keys, house keys. imitation gold leaf

exhibition text and page here

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 2.51.18 PM.png

Take Me Home Tonight: detail: Let your love flow


3D printed scan of artist arms, 3d PLA print, 3D resin print, burner phone, USA car+house keys, leather orchid by Casey Immel-Brown

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 2.51.41 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 8.12.56 PM.png

Take Me Home Tonight: detail: Pepper's Ghost


peppers ghost: glass, architectural fabric, wood frame, chain, sound, video

Take Me Home Tonight, PG.png

to read the script of Take Me Home Tonight, please get in touch with the artist


to view and purchase the limited edition run of sculpture please email

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