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we are beautiful and we are the stars

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sugar glass knuckledusters, footage from Columbus OH based dancers nightlife and drag performers Francois LeFreak and Valentino Stone, artists footage from parties, sound from Local DJ's mixing live

created specifically for the Qwe're party, performance, and arts night, this piece is now a traveling video projection and installation that connects the QTBIPOC communities in Columbus, OH, London, and each site that it visits. Every iteration dances, transforms, pulsates, and flows to beats by DJs local to each site.

London site DJs: XILU, VAMPI, SEREN



we make and live our own liberation through dance and the resonance of heavy bass

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the center always wants to grasp and hold the periphery because it wants to take what it can

you can't touch us. we love and protect us. our love. desire. need. world. commmunity.


we travel through pixels, time, light, energy, sound, and wrap each other in a planetary and energetic love

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we have survived micro apocalypse within our communities to build a richer world that learns from mistakes, failures, and holds each other hand in hand to move to a present that embraces evolution, difference, Self, Other, rebirth, reconciliation, energetic and somatic connection

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we love you now, we loved you then, we will love you soon

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